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And yes we can customise all your packaging needs!

At Auspak we cater for all your needs in disposable foodservice. Our huge range includes:

  • paper (white, brown), G.P.L, foil lined, glassine, bottle
  • polypropylene, cellophane, low density,
  • high density, plain or printed

Garbage bags

Singlet carry bags

Resealable bags

  • foil
  • plastic
  • paper
  • foam (including foam trays)
  • clear plastic specialty containers and;
  • pizza boxes

  • clingwrap
  • foilwrap
  • greaseproof paper and rolls
  • white news for delicatessens and fish and chip outlets

Baking Silicone Paper


  • plastic

  • foam
  • plastic
  • paper for all application including specialty sundae cup for yoghurt, ice-cream

All sizes and all colours. See the new metallic range.

  • handtowels - rolls and sheets
  • toilet tissue - rolls and sheets
  • facial tisues
We have a complete range of dispensers to suit.


Cake Shop
All boxes trays circles in all sizes and thicknesses.

Plates and Platters A complete range of colours and packaging in paper, plastic, board or foam.


Placemats and Tray mats
Hotel, Motel range of prints.

A complete range of gloves, aprons, hats and detergents.

Cash Register Rolls

Wipes, Sponges, Scourers

... and so on.

Browse our Disposable Food Service Product List

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